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TGB Quad bikes

Agrocarrier 6WD




Introducing the amazing TGB 6 Wheel Drive Agro – Carrier. This vehicle was developed for agricultural work in the Malaysian jungle, thus it has enormous off road capacity, and is capable of carrying difficult loads through the most challenging terrain. It has been extensively tested and developed to continue the tradition of reliability farmers have now come to expect of TGB. Equipped with full towing gear and a 3000lb capacity winch it really is ready to come to work for you!


Agrocarrier 6x6 is specialized design for palm oil plantation in-field transportation. Proven to work at difference road condition, such as hilly, undulating, peat soil, mineral salt peat and swampy area. Built for quality and heavy duty usage. The Argocarrier is a new star for palm oil industry, which really provide high productivity and reduces the cost for labours. It will bring you alor profit.


Two years parts and labour warranty





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