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Godstone All Terrain are the official Bateson Trailers dealership for the South East of England. Based in Godstone, Surrey, we are and experienced and friendly dealership in the ideal location to supply customers in Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and London. Browse the range of Bateson Trailers and contact us for a free, no obligation quotation.

bateson unbraked trailers

Unbraked Trailers

Trailers do not have to be fitted with brakes until the gross weight exceeds 750 kg, or if the weight of the trailer and load does not exceed half the weight of the towing vehicle. This has many benefits, the trailer cost is much less and maintenance is greatly reduced.

bateson horsebox trailers

Horsebox Trailers

Our design experience utilising the latest durable materials has enabled us to produce a stylish range of horsebox trailers, which combine low unladen weight, exceptional strength, good aerodynamics and stable towing characteristics.

bateson platform trailers

Platform Trailers

Platform trailers are manufactured in three weight ranges: 2 tons, 2.6 tons, and 3.5 tons, with body lengths from 2.5 metres to 5 metres and up to 7 metres as specials. Standard widths are 1.5, 1.8, and 2 metres, but they can be manufactured to 2.1, 2.3, and up to a maximum of 2.5 metres wide.

Bateson livestock trailers

Livestock Trailers

Bateson Livestock Trailers have been in production for over 70 years, during which time they have developed continuously to keep abreast of ever-changing legislation regarding motor vehicles and the transport of animals.

Bateson beaver tail trailers

Beaver Tail Trailers

Beaver tail transporter trailers are manufactured in 3 weight ranges, 2 tonne, 2.6 tonne and 3.5 tonne gross and three lengths approx.. 14’, 16’ and 18’. All are supplied with 8’ long steel loading ramps and can be fitted with front drive-over ramps that slide out from under the body.

Bateson hydraulic tilt trailers

Hydraulic Tilt Trailers

Bateson hydraulic tilt trailers have been designed to transport many types of vehicles and machinery. The low platform and shallow approach angle allow equipment with a minimum ground clearance or a long front overhang to be loaded quickly.

Bateson transporter trailers

Transporter Trailers

The Bateson range of hydraulic tilt car transporter trailers has proved very popular and successful for many years. The trailer is fully welded from 2.5 mm steel sheet and hot rolled sections, then hot dipped galvanised in one piece, providing an extremely strong trailer with a low unladen weight.

Batesons General Trailers

General Trailers

Our range of general-purpose trailers has been designed to offer maximum strength with a low unladen weight, a modern appearance, and safe, stable towing characteristics.

Bateson van trailers

Bateson Van Trailers

Our range of van trailers has been developed over many years, with different models added in response to customers’ requests. A trailer of this type will double a van’s capacity, or it can even be replaced by towing a car or 4 x 4.

bateson unbraked trailers


Godstone All Terrain are proud to supply high-quality Bateson Trailers. Established in 1934, Bateson has manufactured many thousands of trailers for varied applications. They are large enough to manufacture quantities of quality trailers at competitive prices and small enough to modify designs and produce special trailers based on over 100 standard models. Browse the range of Bateson Trailers on our website and contact us for a competitive quote and to discuss your needs.